Camp Big Mac is available for youth group reservations from January – November.  The Camp is CLOSED for hunting season as it is unsafe for campers in the woods.  Please see the Firearms Deer Season dates at the VA Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries website. Typical reservations are for weekend trips, but longer stays can be arranged.


We request a $35.00 registration fee for the purpose of reserving the date you are interested in using Camp Big Mac.  We also request $5.00 per person per night upon your group’s return from camp.  Patches are available for purchase at $2.50/ea. upon request.

Please make checks payable to ‘The Claude McDonald Foundation’ and mail them to:
Camp Big Mac
8518 Cyrus Place
Alexandria, VA 22308

Please keep in mind that we are a non-profit organization.  We depend on your reservation and usage fees to help keep this camp running.  These fees allow the volunteers to continue improving the camp and its facilities for your enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of others.

Online Booking:

To make a reservation, find the weekend you want in the calendar below. Red blocks indicate the Camp is already reserved. Click on the open dates you would like to reserve the Camp (date will turn yellow). Make sure you click on each consecutive date you wish to use the camp . For example, if you are arriving Friday evening and leaving on Sunday, make sure to click on Friday’s date as well as Saturday and Sunday. Enter your contact info below the calendar, including an email and phone number.  Please also include your group’s name and expected number of visitors (adults and youths) in the details field. Click ‘Submit’ when ready. If you wish to reserve multiple weekends, please submit each weekend as a separate reservation request.

Your dates will be blocked out as pending until we receive your group’s $35.00 registration fee.  We can only hold a pending reservation for ten (10) days.  Please make your payment of the reservation fee to: “The Claude McDonald Foundation” c/o David Mandell, Secretary, 8518 Cyrus Place, Alexandria, VA 22308.  Once the registration fee is received you will receive an email confirmation that your reservation has been approved.

Procedure Manual should be viewed and downloaded before your departure to Big Mac.

About one week prior to your reservation date you will receive an email providing you with necessary access combinations for the entry gate, the mess hall and activity building. If you do not receive this please call

Paul Reinsel (703) 627-1121, Ron Reinsel (703) 799-7690, David Mandell (703) 582-5049

After your stay, please let us know the actual number of camp users that were in your group and forward the appropriate user fees to: “The Claude McDonald Foundation” c/o David Mandell, Secretary, 8518 Cyrus Place, Alexandria, VA 22308.  Also, please let us know about any issues you may have encountered during your stay at Camp Big Mac as well as any suggestions you may have for improvements to the camp that would make your next trip more enjoyable.

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The Camp’s reservation book does fill up quickly, especially in peak camping season (spring and fall), so we do ask that you plan ahead.  If you have any questions regarding availability or the possibility of double booking, please contact David Mandell email: or by phone: (703) 582-5049.