Mess Hall

The Mess Hall is the central building of the Camp. In it is a large kitchen, complete with two ranges (each with a four-burner stove and oven), three refrigerators, a microwave oven, toasters, coffee pots, and a three-tub sink. We also have two bathrooms, one indoor shower, two outdoor showers, and hot and cold running water. Three large (8×4) tables can serve plenty! There is a large wood stove and fireplace to keep you warm in the winter as well as a small bunk room which can comfortably sleep four.

The water is fed by a well (and tastes wonderful). Please reference the start-up procedure manual when turning the water on and off. Pay particular attention to when to turn the hot water heater on!

The Mess Hall is handicap accessible. The ramp is located on the side opposite the main door.

Remember to follow the shut down procedures when you leave. Please take your trash with you.  There is NO trash pick-up service at the camp.

Outside of Mess Hall, looking up from main drive

Mess Hall Bathroom Doors

Mess Hall, looking towards kitchen

Outside of Mess Hall and Outside Showers

Layout of Big Mac Mess Hall